Our process is hands-on, one step at a time.


From conception to completion, perhaps nothing describes our process better than “hands-on.” By working with only a select few clients at a time, we can immerse ourselves in every aspect of your custom home. This attention to detail ensures not only that each home is built to our own personal standards of excellence and craftsmanship, but also that both the design and construction are inline with the vision for your new home -- from the slightest detail of a custom interior feature to the materials that will affect the energy efficiency of the home.

In ensuring your home is built to both your standards and ours, we rely on open, two-way communication with you, the client, as much as we rely on our designing skills. At all points in the process, your input is our most valuable resource and is critical to both establishing and maintaining this vision throughout the process. What are your personal expectations? How much house are you looking to build? What special considerations need to be given for the design to accommodate aspects of your lifestyle? Once we have an idea of size and space, the focus shifts to your stylistic preferences and how they may influence your selection of a lot or choice of architect.



Every Copperline custom home is a completely unique and original creation.

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Who We are

Homebuilders collaborating closely with owners to build homes like no other

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